Who is Loren Gill?

Hi my name is Loren Gill, and not long ago I found myself in the guest bedroom of my friend’s single-wide trailer house. My dreams, my hope, and life as I thought it was supposed to be were shattered. I was suddenly in the middle of a failed marriage living apart from my 4 children and I was broke. What had happened? I had had the life I was supposed to, the nice house, secure job, children. I was even a missionary with the blessing of God on my life.

Everything I had known and believed in was upside down and I felt lost and without hope. I knew I needed change and I needed change quickly. I knew I wanted more time to spend with my children, my health was suffering. It was April 14th, and as a tax professional I knew my main source of revenue was going to quickly dry up. I was desperate. I knew there had to be a better way, a way that I could have the life I desired. I was tired of seeing people say how to live and yet no one really living fully. Behind the “happy marriages,” were pain and secrets. And as a tax professional I saw time and time again how those who looked like they were successful on the outside were in financial ruin, or if their finances were good, their health had been ruined because they never had time to take care of themselves. This was unacceptable to me.

So that April 14th, I started searching how I could change my life; how I could have all that I wanted. I knew that I wanted to have the time, the health and the resources to live fully. One thing I knew was there were people out there living the kind of life I wanted and if I wanted to have that life I needed to learn from them.

I made a point of getting around those who were living the life I wanted; I learned how they focused on Personal Development, how they were making money, and how they spent their time. Soon things began to change for me. I began to live life fully and building true wealth. But I knew there were many others who were in the same situation I had been in and who also wanted to build True Wealth. I knew I had to share all that I learned and that I continue to learn with others.

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