11 Ways to cultivate gratefulness in your life

If asked, I bet you would rather be known as a grateful person instead of an ungrateful person.  There is an attraction to people who are quick to be grateful. In fact there are some in-depth studies show that gratefulness has some major impacts on quality of life, such as an overall higher sense of happiness and satisfaction, living longer, better sleep, and richer relationships.

I was challenged awhile back to be more grateful for the things I have and to stop focusing on the things I don’t have.  It has been a journey and continues to be one, but I have learned to cultivate gratefulness and to say I am grateful for…

However, it is not always easy to break old habits and patterns especially  in the middle of stress, busyness, and discontent. (Yeah it is Christmastime)  Here are some ideas to help you develop a pattern of daily gratefulness.

1. Anticipate good things. Watching the news and listening to others makes it sound like calamity is always just around the corner. Instead, believe that there are blessings and good things coming your way.  This simple shift in mindset puts you in a position to be grateful instead of fearful.


2. Get away from negative people. Do you have negative people around you who just drag you down and gossip and complain all the time? Get away from them and instead surround your self with optimistic energetic people. And if you have been that negative person in others peoples lives make it a point to become a positive influence in other peoples lives.

3. See Friends and Family in a new light. Those closest to us can often be overlooked and we begin to take for granted all that they do for us.Make sure to tell those who love and support you that you appreciate them.

4. Treasure small pleasures. Look for those little things in your daily life that you enjoy: the sunrise you see on the way to work, your morning coffee just the way you like it, your dog greeting you at the door, your favorite show or book.

5. Be Forgiving. Holding onto your devastating hurts from the past will just keep dragging your spirit down. Releasing those and forgiving others and yourself will give you new freedom.

6. Look at the world as a child does. Children live in the moment and enjoy what is happening now.  They dwell on the past and don’t stress about the future.

7. Don’t be judgmental of yourself and others. Being judgmental and critical  robs you of gratitude and causes unnecessary mental pain. Instead be compassionate and spread gratitude to others.

8. Be thankful for love. Love is one of the most powerful forces anywhere, and you can see it everywhere.  Anytime one person helps another love is on display.  Look at the kindness all around you happening every day and be grateful for the love you see other people sharing.

9. Compliment someone. Thinking of others and praising them you will spread gratefulness as the person who received the compliment appreciates it.

10. Remember the Good Times.   We can change our mood at any time.  Just think back to times that you had fun or received an award and be grateful that you had those experiences and how they enriched your life.

11. Look for  new possibilities. Every day new opportunities present themselves.  Believe that is true and look for those opportunities every day.

Start now and say I am grateful for…

(And know this, I am grateful for each one of you who read this and especially those who are regular readers. you have made it a wonderful year! Please comment below one thing that you are grateful for today!)

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