Why Friends and Family Members Do Not Support the New You

Once you decide to make radical changes and make a real go of a home based business, you will often come across road blocks and discouragement from those who you would expect to be your biggest supporters, your friends and family.  These, often times are the people who gossip behind your back and think you are crazy.  They will feign interest when you talk to them or sometimes will outright tell you that you are going to fail.  As person just starting up a home based business, it is important that you understand that this is natural.  In this post you will come to understand why this is so often the case, and why you should not let this discourage you.

Why do my friends and family not support me?

The reality is, that it has nothing to do with you, rather it has to do with them.  It has to do with their watching others not succeed or not succeeding themselves and them projecting that on to you. Additionally if you have said you were going to do things in the past and not done it, then it also has to do with their history with you. When your friends see you, they see you as they have known you and they continue to project that on to you even if you have made a serious decision to make changes in life. It is natural fro them to resist change and they usually don’t think it will happen for real.  Sometimes they are afraid that you having success will reflect porly on them when they keep continuing at the same level as they always have been.

In my case I had another stigma that followed me.  In my background it was not considered “good” to make money.  In fact as soon as I really began focusing on building a business, I was accused of “chasing money” and “going after the root of all evil.”  My friends and family didn’t understand that to me money was just a tool a means to having more family time, to being able to help more people while expanding my sphere of influence.  That by building a business I knew I would be able to provide healthier food and better medical care for my children. I would speak about building my business and they would equate it with the “evils” of making money.

You may have other reasons that those closest to you bring up as to why you should not go after your dreams, but the effect is the same.  It feels crippling and discouraging and like those who should be helping you are clawing at you and trying to keep you down.

Remember those around you see you in a certain way and as you attempt change most will unconsciously perceive this as negative, especially if it causes them to feel fear or have to examine their own lives.

Those You are With will greatly affect how far you will go.

New FriendsI choose to attend a lot of conferences, masterminds, and other business meetings.  Although there is always lots of great information, the main reason I go to these places is to meet others and not for what is actually presented.  I heard over and over  from successful people that it was important to get to hang around successful people as that is how I would learn how to be successful. When my current family and friends were not supportive I found new friends that were and these new groups and networks proved invaluable in helping keep me encouraged and on my way to success.  If you do not reach out to others and find these kinds of groups, or blog posts or, networks and your current friends and family are not supportive, you are almost guaranteed to fail in your home based business. You will become an island and that is nearly impossible to sustain in the business world. Go out and choose new friends many others who had no support have done so before you and found success despite the lack of immediate support they had hoped for.

Will your family or friends ever come around and support you?

This answer is different for each person, but for some of you the answer is simply no.  Once you do see success other will start telling you how much they supported.  How they knew all along you were going to make it…. by the way could I borrow some money?  Whatever the case you need to stay true to yourself and to the vision you have.

What If You Were to Become Rich?

Would this make you happy?  Reality is that riches in themselves are not going to make you happy.  Their are unhappy rich people.  It is how you use your riches that can bring added happiness.  If you use those riches and wealth to provide more family time and allow you to build memories and do things that you enjoy, you will have more opportunities to be re-energized and feel happiness, but happiness needs to be first, riches can only help magnify the happiness you have but it can not buy new happiness.

So when your friends and your family are not supportive do not allow it to get you down, rather focus on what success means to you and what you will do with your success.  Focus on the vision and allow it to pull you forward, and someday you will find yourself supporting those family and friends and helping them to success as well. Just remember whether you have the support from friends or family members or not, you success does not hinge on their support.  Your success ultimately hinges on you being dedicated, persistent and consistently building your home based business.

One resource that has helped me a lot is Ray Higdon.  He is a master at building home based businesses and I have personally taken his coaching.  I encourage you to check out his Maintaining Your Power course.

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