The Power of Words

The Power of Words – Are you your worst enemy or your greatest asset

The words you use are both good and bad for yourself and those around you. We can be our own worst enemy without even knowing it. But know that you can change your life just by how you speak, and today a friend reminded me of this.

What You Think and Say, Becomes Reality

Make it So Star TrekEvery minute of every day our minds are racing and interpreting data around us and reacting to things. While we cannot always control what is happening around us, we can control our reactions. We can control our minds and we do not need to let our mind run wild over us. This should be good news because as we learn to control our mind and our reactions, we can say MAKE IT SO! Of course it is not easy to change years of ingrained habits, but know that others in worse circumstance than you have done so. If you learn to control your mind and subsequently your tongue amazing things will follow.




My Friend and Business Partner Caught Me


Tatyana Moshchenkov

Tatyana Moshchenkov

Yesterday, I was on a strategy call with my friend and business partner, Tatyana Moshchenkov when she caught me using some non-serving language. We were talking about strategy and I said “I hope it works.” Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? But really it is not; by saying “I hope” that means that I actually am leaving room for doubt to creep in.

Whenever there is doubt we tend to default to that position in our minds and then make that the outcome we experience. Rather, I should have said “this will work!” It is one of those subtle things that seems small, but those “small” shifts in our minds will make HUGE differences in our lives.

The Holidays are here and while this is a wonderful time for many it can also be extra busy and stressful. But have you ever noticed how some people have way more going on and yet aren’t all stressed out where others who have less are overwhelmed and stressed out?

Be Careful Anytime You Say “I Am.”

The words, “I Am” are very powerful and will have a massive effect of “making it so” in your life. The power of your words goes well beyond what we can understand there actual affects. Here are some phrases that may be holding you back this season and in life in general. So stop saying them as they are non-serving:

  1. I am overwhelmed
  2. I am stressed


If you are saying those phrases, you will continue to be in the state of overwhelm and stress. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle that your mind keeps you in.

Instead try using phrases that counteract your non-serving phrases and believe what you are saying…it really is amazing how your perspective on something will change the reality you experience.

Try telling yourself these things:

  1. I am able to handle this


  1. I am confident and happy


I know that this can sound all like semantics or even to some of you just a bunch of mystical sounding bologna, but know this, science has proven this many times over. I am confident that anyone who makes a concerted effort and practices this for ninety days will see a complete shift in their lives, and the lives of those around them.

Begin today by telling yourself “I am confident that today will be great!”

As we Build True Wealth together I am confident my life and yours will continuously reach new levels. As always, I am appreciative for each one of you.

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