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The Wrong Type of Tax Preparer (Mistake 2 of 6)

Last time I told you the first big mistake that many taxpayers make:  “Doing it Yourself” using “Free” Online Tax Preparation Software.


Loren Gill Income Tax return preparer

Loren Gill

Here’s Mistake #2

Mistake #2 Choosing a Tax Preparer Who is NOT a Professional in the Type of Tax Services You Want

Sadly the way that most tax professionals and accounting firms present themselves, it would seem that all are pretty much alike.  While most do offer similar services, the areas of expertise and competency can vary widely.  Tax Professionals are definitely not all the same.

Each income tax return preparer has varying qualifications and skills. Some might be experts in one area of tax laws.  Some specialize with working with farmers, others specialize in high-networth clients, others handle a variety of things… but are they providing what YOU want and need?

What do you want from your income tax return preparer? 

When I talk with regular people like you, this is what I hear:

You want to work with a caring professional that takes the time to understand your situation…NOT one of those big chains that are only interested in getting you in and out the door as fast as possible serviced by poorly-trained employees who might have taken a basic tax course.

You want an accurately filed tax return that ethically that puts every dollar that belongs to you back in your pockets. You want to be able to understand why your return was prepared the way it was, and you don’t want to feel like you need a translator to communicate. In short you want your taxes prepared ethically while saving you money and you want to understand how that was done.
You want a “heads up” about upcoming deductions and tax changes that are affecting you. So you want a tax professional who is available year round and doesn’t close up shop as soon as April 16th hits.

And of course if you are getting a refund you want it back as fast as possible so you want electronic filing options with direct deposit to bank capabilities.


At the end of the day: You want professionalism…accuracy … clarity … you want to be treated as an individual… you want peace of mind…. you want your refund back in your pockets fast …. And you want to KNOW that you got the most money back from the IRS through an ethically prepared return allowing you to sleep at night with a clear conscious.

If your current accountant or tax professional doesn’t offer these qualities or you are just looking for a change, don’t hesitate to contact my team.  We are here for you and are dedicated to helping you build true wealth.

Pick up the phone and dial 407-385-0267 Ask for an end of the year tax consultation or just to ask a question.

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