The Next Mistake Many Tax Payers Make

Too often I see these same mistakes repeated, and with many families still trying to recover from the bad economy this is URGENT to know


Big Mistake #3: Going with A CPA That Can’t Stop Using “Lingo”…Who Doesn’t Relate To YOU!

You might not know it, but many CPAs and other tax professionals live in a whole different world with its own language and culture. It can become overwhelming to listen to all the talk and hear all the “lingo.”

For a lot of these guys that is all that seems to come out of their mouths, “Quid Pro Quo Contribution” “Section 179,” “H.R. 10 plan” etc. etc. None of these terms mean anything tho you the regular tax payer if they aren’t translated and explained to you using normal English.

CPA’s tend to have tons of experience helping businesses and the wealthy working on very complex audit work or helping small businesses to restructure their finances, and they do a great job, but for most taxes is just a small side job they do… It isn’t their focus and that can hurt you.

If what you need is to have your taxes filed right with the knowledge that you are getting back the maximum possible on your return. Your best bet is likely to find a tax professional where taxes are the focus and the tax preparers keep up with continuing education in all the myriad of tax laws that keep getting added… and changed…. and removed from our tax code.

What? Am I saying that all of these guys don’t know what they are doing? Absolutely no! Some Certified Public Accountants do take the time to sledge hammerkeep up with the latest tax laws and are able to speak regular English to their clients. But, in most cases you are better off finding a tax preparer who is good at doing what you need done. And if the tax preparer is already used to filing similar tax returns to yours from other people who are more like you all the better.

Here’s a thought: Would you use a sledge hammer to hang a picture frame? (I didn’t think so.)

Remember: Go with a tax professional with TAX preparing experience, not just auditing,accounting, or something else that doesn’t relate to you!


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